The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) offers various insurance policies, and the potential for high returns can vary depending on the type of policy and the underlying investment options. If you are seeking a policy with a focus on higher returns, you may want to consider the following options:

1.    Unit-Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs): ULIPs are insurance-cum-investment plans that offer the potential for higher returns compared to traditional insurance policies. A part of the premium paid is allocated towards life insurance, while the rest is invested in various funds based on your risk appetite. These funds can be equity-oriented, debt-oriented, or a mix of both. The returns on ULIPs are linked to the performance of the chosen funds and the market, and they carry market risks.

2.    Single Premium Endowment Plan: This is a type of endowment plan where you pay a lump sum premium upfront. These policies typically have a shorter tenure and offer a maturity benefit, making them suitable for individuals looking for a one-time investment with a potential for returns.

3.    New Endowment Plan: The New Endowment Plan is a traditional participating policy that provides life cover and participates in the profits of the LIC. It offers a lump sum payment at the end of the policy term or on the death of the policyholder during the policy term.

4.    Limited Premium Endowment Plan: This plan is similar to the regular endowment plan but allows you to pay premiums only for a limited period while enjoying the benefits throughout the policy term. It can be a good option if you want to limit the premium payment period and still enjoy life coverage and returns.

5.    Jeevan Akshay VI: This is an immediate annuity plan where you make a lump sum payment to LIC, and they start providing you with a regular income immediately or after a deferred period. While this plan may not provide high returns, it offers a guaranteed income for life, which can be essential for some individuals.

It's essential to remember that while some of these plans offer the potential for higher returns, they also come with associated risks. If you are willing to take higher risks for potentially higher returns, ULIPs might be more suitable. However, if you prefer lower risks and guaranteed returns, traditional endowment plans may be a better fit.

Before choosing any LIC policy, make sure to carefully read the policy documents, understand the features, charges, and terms and conditions. Additionally, consider your risk appetite, financial goals, and investment horizon before making a decision. If you're unsure, it's always a good idea to consult with a licensed financial advisor who can help you make an informed choice based on your individual needs and circumstances.

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