Assuming that you unintentionally pay your LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) premium two times, it brings about an abundance installment or excessive charge. At the point when this occurs, LIC has a cycle to deal with such circumstances:

Overabundance Installment Affirmation: LIC will recognize the abundance premium installment in their records.
Choices for Policyholder: As the policyholder, you have a couple of choices to address the overabundance premium installment:
Refund: You can demand LIC to discount the overabundance sum back to you. LIC will start the discount interaction, and the abundance sum will be credited to your financial balance according to their discount strategy.
Adjustment: On the other hand, you can demand LIC to change the overabundance premium paid against future premium installments. This implies that the additional sum will be used to cover your future premium contribution until the abundance sum is completely used.
Contact LIC: To determine the excessive charge issue, you ought to contact your closest LIC branch or reach out to your LIC specialist. They will direct you on the essential moves toward demand a discount or change of the overabundance premium.
Discount Cycle Time: The time it takes for LIC to finish up the discount shifts, and it might require a couple of days to a little while, contingent upon LIC's interior cycles.
It's fundamental to redress the overabundance premium installment at the earliest opportunity to guarantee that your superior installments are accurately recorded, and you experience no issues with future premium installments. Track all correspondence and exchanges with LIC to work with a smooth goal.

Assuming you are uncertain about how to continue or have any inquiries, reaching LIC straightforwardly or talking with a LIC specialist or monetary counsel can furnish you with the fundamental direction and help with taking care of the circumstance.


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