LIC's Jeevan Lakshya (Plan No. 933, UIN No. 512N297V02) is a participating life insurance plan that offers a combination of death benefit, maturity benefit, and annual income benefit. It is designed to cater to various financial needs, such as child education, retirement planning, and wealth creation.

Here are some key features of the plan:

  • Participating plan: This means that the policyholder gets a share of the profits earned by LIC. These profits are declared as bonuses and added to the sum assured.
  • Death benefit: In case of unfortunate death of the life assured before the maturity date, the sum assured along with vested bonuses is payable to the nominee.
  • Maturity benefit: If the life assured survives till the maturity date, the sum assured, along with vested bonuses and final additional bonus (if any), is payable.
  • Annual income benefit: This benefit provides a regular income to the policyholder from the 5th policy year onwards. The amount of income depends on the chosen policy term and sum assured.
  • Accidental death benefit: This optional benefit provides an additional sum assured in case of accidental death of the life assured.
  • Accidental disability benefit: This optional benefit provides a monthly income for 10 years and waives future premiums in case of accidental disability.

The specific details of the plan, such as premium amounts, benefits, and bonus rates, will depend on various factors like age, policy term, sum assured, and chosen options.

Here are some resources where you can find more information about the plan:

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