LIC didn't offer an internet based choice for strategy give up or withdrawal before development. On the off chance that you wish to pull out your LIC strategy before its development date, you will regularly have to visit your closest LIC branch office or reach out to your protection specialist to start the interaction.

Here are the general moves toward give up or pull out a LIC strategy before development:

1.   Visit the Closest LIC Branch Office: Go to the closest LIC branch office, bringing your unique strategy record, personality confirmation, address evidence, and a dropped check (for the ledger where you need the acquiescence continues to be credited).

2.   Give up Solicitation Structure: Demand the LIC staff for the arrangement give up structure or the strategy withdrawal structure. Finish up the structure with every one of the vital subtleties precisely.

3.   KYC Interaction: You might have to finish the Know Your Client (KYC) process on the off chance that it hasn't been done as of now or on the other hand assuming there are any updates required.

4.   Present the Archives: Present the filled acquiescence structure, unique strategy report, and the KYC records to the LIC staff. They will confirm the records and cycle your solicitation.

5.   Holding up Period: Subsequent to presenting the acquiescence demand, LIC might set aside some margin to handle the solicitation and ascertain the acquiescence esteem, which is the sum you will get on approach give up.

6.   Get Give up Worth: When the acquiescence esteem is determined, LIC will send the sum to your enlisted ledger through electronic exchange or by giving a check.

If it's not too much trouble, note that giving up a strategy before development might result in a decreased payout, as it is liable to give up charges and strategy terms. The acquiescence worth may likewise be lower than the all out charges paid, particularly assuming the arrangement is given up from the get-go in its term.

Since methodology and rules can change after some time, I suggest confirming the ongoing system for strategy give up or withdrawal with the closest LIC branch office or through the authority LIC site for the most cutting-edge data.

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